Second Grade Lessons

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Second Grade Material List

Art Terms and Definitions

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Material List for the Second Grade Art Projects

Lesson Material
Heavy paper such as a file folder or poster board, pencil, scissors, 12 x 18 white Drawing paper, markers
The drawing we began last week and markers
red, yellow, blue, orange, green and purple crayons, a paper plate (cannot be Styrofoam), a black marking pen
White drawing paper (9 x 12), crayons, pictures of or actual fall trees (changing leaves)
drawing from last lesson, watercolor, Medium to large size paint brush, water, paper towels
Books and other resources on Indian Totem Poles (if internet access is available check the arttango resource website for links on the subject), paper and pencil, each student will need two aluminum (soda) cans and a 4 x 6 sheet of Color construction paper to wrap around each can
scrap paper, scissors, white glue, drawing plans
white paper (two sheets per student), Tempera paint red, yellow, blue, orange, green and purple and white, paint brushes, paper towels, water, a mixing Palette
Painted background from last lesson, tempera paint, q-tips, pencil erasers or other object to use for painting with dots, a simple object such as a small branch of leaves (they need something that is flat and has a simple pattern to it)
magazines to cut pictures from, scissors, glue sticks and a sheet of construction paper to glue the pictures on
Photomontage from last week, white paper and a pencil
4 x 7 cardboard box with top/ small jewelry box (can be obtained from department stores and typically they will donate them to the school), thin cardboard, white glue and succors
Each student needs enough aluminum foil to cover both the top and bottom of their box. Other materials include: a thin, white glue and water mixture, an old paintbrush to use with the mixture, a paper towel and any tool with a blunt end (i.e. the end of a thin paint brush, a dulled primary pencil)
black drawing or India ink, lots of paper towels, optional plastic jewels, mirrors or other small decoration for the box
white paper and crayons
small pieces of warm and cool color tissue paper (these can easily be cut on a paper cutter many layers at a time), a piece of white construction paper or other heavy weight paper, liquid starch and paint brushes
tissue paper Collage Form last lesson, black drawing ink (permanent markers fine tips work best)
a copy of American Gothic by Grant Wood (see the scroll down on the video or refer to the arttango website if you do not have this image) white 12 x 18 paper and a pencil
the work from last lesson, crayons, and the copy of Grant Wood's American Gothic
Scrap construction paper to cut the heart shapes from, 9 x 12 white paper, scissors, acrylic or tempera paint, old toothbrushes, small rectangular pieces of cardboard, newspaper
markers and the student work from last week
a piece of thick poster board approximately 7 x 11 , yarn, a ruler and a pencil
the loom from last lesson, a variety of yarn colors, two sticks for hanging weaving (per student), beads and feathers are optional
white paper (4 5 sheets per student), peeled crayons, Texture surfaces (i.e. a piece of cardboard, sandpaper, if your walls are built out of concrete blocks they work well, concrete sidewalks, etc.) Watercolors, paint brushes, paper towels and water cups
texture papers from last lesson, scissors, glue sticks, black crayons
a variety of pictures of or actual flowers for the students to observe, white paper and pencils, construction paper in a variety of colors, scissors and glue sticks, 9 x 12 construction paper to use as a background (using one color for all students will make the garden display at the end look unified.)
12 x 18 heavy white paper, pencil, black permanent marker, the flower garden wall to look at.
last weeks flower drawing, markers
one sheet of white paper, one strip of white paper, a pencil
white paper, pencil, mirrors if available