Fourth Grade Lessons

Art Lesson Grade Levels

Fourth Grade Material List

Art Terms and Definitions

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Material List for the Fourth Grade Art Projects

Lesson Material
5 X 8 index card, pencil
several small cards or paper (index cards cut in half work well), crayons
2 more of the same type paper or cards you have been using, a black Crayon
another small card, any type of ink pen
another card or paper like the ones we have been using, any marking tool (i.e. pencil, ink pen, crayon), all of your elements of art study cards
2 sheets of 6 X 9 paper (index cards also work well), a pencil and each student will use their own shoe
a variety of leaves or pictures of leaves, paper for studies, one 12 X 18 sheet of white Drawing paper, crayons
work from last week, crayons
pictures of insects, pencils, white 12 X18 drawing paper, crayons
a watercolor pan for each student, paint brush, water, paper towels, insect drawing from last week
a 12 X 18 sheet of white paper, two different colored sheets of construction paper (12 X 18) , scissors, glue stick
2 black sheets of construction paper per student, a sharp pair of scissors, a paper plate
last lessons work, a variety of tissue paper colors, scissors, glue
a mirror for each student, white paper, white glue, a variety of construction papers (the scrap box will work great)
work Form last week, construction paper, white glue
scissors, scrap poster board, small matt board squares for the base, white glue
each student will need approximately 1 box of round toothpicks (flat toothpicks will not work), a scrap of poster board or matt board (frame shops usually have plenty of off-cuts and are glad to donate them to schools) to use as a base, and a bottle of white glue
each student needs 2 poster board pieces (they may be any size, but smaller, 4†x 6â€, is a manageable size), scissors, white glue
printing plate that we made last lesson, brayer (or paint brush), surface suitable for spreading ink, waterproof printing ink (or Tempera paint), newspapers to cover the work areas, good heavy weight card stock for printing on, paper towels or baby wipes for getting ink off of hands
foil covered plate from the last lesson, a blunt pencil or tool, India ink and lots of paper towels
a variety of Color construction paper, a sheet of white paper, scissors, glue stick
any color construction paper (the one you have the most of), Chalk pastels (if you do not have chalk pastels, use regular colored chalk), newspaper to cove the tables
snowman chalk drawing, white paper, pencil
a 6 x 9 sheet of construction paper or other heavy weight paper, a 12 X 18 sheet of heavy white paper, a pencil, each child will use their own shoe
last lessons work, acrylic or tempera paint (red, yellow, blue and white the acrylics cerulean blue and magenta mix better than real blue), several small brushes, water, paper towel, newspaper to cover the work surface
our paintings from the last lesson, acrylic or tempera paint, brushes, water and paper towels
2, 12 x 18 sheet of construction paper (any color), a collection of other sheets of construction paper for cutting, scissors, glue stick
Georgia O'Keefe's Poppy, pictures of flowers or actual flowers to observe, pencil and paper
flower studies from last lesson, oil pastels, newspaper to cover the tables, scrap paper for practice blending
flower drawing from last lesson, oil pastels, newspaper to cover the tables, scrap paper for practice blending