Kindergarten Lessons

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Art Lesson Grade Levels

Kindergarten Material List

Art Terms and Definitions

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Art Lesson Summary for Kindergarten Students

Kindergarten Art Lesson 1

Introduction to the art element line
The students will be introduced to the art element line and the use of contour lines to create a self-portrait.

Kindergarten Art Lesson 2

The art element line
The student will understand how different materials create different line qualities.

Kindergarten Art Lesson 3

Introduction to the art element shape - using lines to make shapes
The student will practice cutting skills by using scissors to cut lines which they will use to weave together to create “shapes”.

Kindergarten Art Lesson 4

Using shapes to spark imagination
The students will continue their study of shape by cutting two circles and using them to create a drawing from their imagination.

Kindergarten Art Lesson 5

The art element shape - combining shapes and lines in a non-objective work of art
The students will cut shapes from paper and discover how tracing lines around the shape creates new shapes. The student will also learn about using a color scheme.

Kindergarten Art Lesson 6

Creating Paper Mask
The children will learn about how masks have been used throughout history for a wide variety of purposes. The children will create their own mask using paper and the art elements line and shape. The students will use symmetrical balance to create their mask.

Kindergarten Art Lesson 7

Looking at Trees and Finding the Lines
The students will concentrate on using their eyes to “read” the lines used to make up the shape of a tree. They will then transform this observation into a black ink drawing.

Kindergarten Art Lesson 8

Looking at Art, “ One of the Family”
The student will be guided through the four steps to looking at and evaluating art using Frederick Cotmans painting “One of the Family”

Kindergarten Art Lesson 9

A Parade of Thankful Turkeys
The goal for this lesson is to get the children to think about and verbalize things they are thankful for. Once they have decided on the things they are most thankful for they will assign colors and designs to represent those things on a tracing of their own hand to create a parade of thankful turkeys.

Kindergarten Art Lesson 10

Printing a Piece of Useful Art
The students will learn the basic concept of printmaking by creating a piece of wrapping paper.

Kindergarten Art Lesson 11

Painting a Snowman / Part 1
The student will create a wintry snowman by painting white shapes onto a blue background using a paint brush and their fingertips.

Kindergarten Art Lesson 12

Completing the Snowman Using Collage
The students will complete their snowman painting using a variety of materials glued to the surface creating a collaged finish.

Kindergarten Art Lesson 13

Working with Form/ Making Play Dough Pinch Pots
The student will understand what a form is by creating several different types of forms using play dough.

Kindergarten Art Lesson 14

Children in Art Self Portraits (Part1)
The students will view several paintings that have children as the main subject. Attention will be directed to the composition of the work. After making these observations the students will begin a portrait drawing of their own.

Kindergarten Art Lesson 15

Completing Our Self Portrait
The students will focus in on how the artist of the paintings we have studied handled their backgrounds. The students will then complete their own backgrounds on their self portrait while concentrating on coloring solidly and controlling their crayons

Kindergarten Art Lesson 16

Cool Curvy Lines and Warm Angular Lines
The student will learn the difference between warm and cool colors and distinguish between curvy and angular lines by doing a drawing.

Kindergarten Art Lesson 17

More with Cool Curvy and Warm Angular Lines
The concepts presented in the last lesson will be reinforced by having the student create a work of art using the cool curvy and warm angled lines.

Kindergarten Art Lesson 18

Texture Painting
The student will discover the meaning of texture by using paint and objects pressed in paint. They will create five different textures.

Kindergarten Art Lesson 19

Making a Landscape Collage Using our Textured Paintings
The student will create a collage resembling a landscape by cutting and gluing shapes from the textured paintings.

Kindergarten Art Lesson 20

Flower Study
The students will examine a painting by Georgia O’Keefe called “Poppy”. The student will then spend time looking at and drawing flowers from direct observation or pictures. The student will complete a large drawing of a flower on an 18” x 18” sheet of paper to be painted in the next lesson.

Kindergarten Art Lesson 21

Completing Our Flower Study with Warm and Cool Colors
The student will learn the difference between warm and cool colors and complete the flower drawing from last lesson by painting the flower in warm colors and the background in cool colors.

Kindergarten Art Lesson 22

Self Portrait Collage
The students will understand what a collage is by creating an arrangement of shapes to represent themselves.

Kindergarten Art Lesson 23

Completing our Self Portrait Collage
The students will show their understanding of pattern and detail by completing their collage (adding the face and putting patterns on the clothing).

Kindergarten Art Lesson 24

Glue Line Flowers - Creating Art That Looks Old
The student will recall the study of flowers from lesson 27 and do another drawing of a flower onto a piece of cardboard to exercise fine motor skills. The student will trace over the pencil drawing with a glue line. The drawing will be completed in the next lesson to make it look like an old, bronzed plate.

Kindergarten Art Lesson 25

Completing Glue Line Reliefs
The student will complete the glue line relief we started in the last class by using shoe polish and paint to create an antique finish.

Kindergarten Art Lesson 26

Introduction to Watercolor Painting - Looking at Spring Trees
The students will learn how to mix watercolors and paint with value. Each child will complete a watercolor painting of a spring tree.

Kindergarten Art Lesson 27

Completing Our Watercolor Tree Paintings with Thick and Thin Lines
The students will complete their watercolor paintings using a stick and black drawing ink. They will review thick and thin lines and apply that information to their drawing.

Kindergarten Art Lesson 28

Working with Symmetry - Butterfly drawings
The students will exhibit an understanding of symmetry by creating a symmetrical drawing of a butterfly.

Kindergarten Art Lesson 29

A Final Self Portrait Using Value
The student will learn what a gray scale is and incorporate their understanding of it (value) into a final drawing of themselves.

Kindergarten Art Lesson 30

Completing Our Value Study - Our Final Self Portrait
The students will use the gray scale they made last lesson to help them color in their self portraits. They will complete this last drawing and compare it with the first self portrait they created at the beginning of the year.